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Council > Mr P M Daya (Treasurer)(NADEL)

Mr Daya was previously a partner with Wright Rose-Innes Inc. which he joined in 1998.  He has general commercial experience but primarily in the litigation area. 

Mr Daya has been appointed as a partner at Webber Wentzel.

Mr Daya is a prominent member of the organised profession and holds a number of leadership roles inlcuding currently Johannesburg branch Chairperson of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL), a Company Law Committee member of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces, member of the Board of Control of the Johannesburg Practical Law School, the King III task team dealing with compliance and stakeholder relationships and a Councillor on the Gauteng Law Council.

Mr Daya can be contacted on (011) 530 5358 or e-mail: priyesh.daya@webberwentzel.com  







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