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  Gauteng Law Council Documents
    North Gauteng High Court
    Title: Supplementary Practice Directive - Opposed Motions Download
      File: SUPPLEMENTARY PRACTICE DIRECTIVE - OPPOSED MOTIONS (North Gauteng High Court) dd 14 Dec 2010.pdf  (307Kb) Download Download
    Title: Practice Directive for the North Gauteng High Court - Pretoria Download
      File: Practice Directive. 8 June 10.pdf  (103Kb) Download Download
    Title: RAF/other matters where pleadings were closed by 8 June 2010 Download
      Description: Applicalbe to all trials from 16 August 2010
      File: Pleadings closed.pdf  (13Kb) Download Download
    Title: RAF matters where pleadings were not closed by 8 June 2010 Download
      File: Pleadings not closed.pdf  (13Kb) Download Download
    Title: Practice Directive: 8 June 2010 Download
      File: North Gauteng High Court Practice Directive dated 8 June 2010.pdf  (25Kb) Download Download

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