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  Gauteng Law Council Documents
    Candidate Attorney Subsidy Scheme
    Title: Candidate Attorney Memorandum of Agreement Download
      File: Candidate_Attorney_Memorandum_of_Agreement.pdf  (25Kb) Download Download
    Title: General Pinciples and Guidelines regarding the Scheme Download
      File: General Principles and Guidelines regarding the Scheme.pdf  (40Kb) Download Download
    Title: CASC2: Candidate Attorney Download
      File: CASC2_Candidate_Attorney.pdf  (40Kb) Download Download
    Title: CASC2: Principal Download
      File: CASC2_Principal.pdf  (39Kb) Download Download
    Title: CASC1: Candidate Attorney Download
      File: CASC1_Candidate_Attorney.pdf  (32Kb) Download Download
    Title: CASC1: Principal Download
      File: CASC1_Candidate_Attorney.doc  (34Kb) Download Download

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